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I was born in 1961. My wife is Acupuncturist Helle Bruun, and we have three children: Sofie, and our twins Lotte and Lise.

I hold a Ph.d. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark, and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering.

See also my page on LinkedIn.

I have been granted one patent, so I suppose I can call myself "inventor":

There is still some way to go to the level of my grandfather, Otto Johannes Bruun, who held over 150 patents, but at least this is a start.

My father is the well known (to those who know him) painter Henrik Buster Bruun.

I have prepared a number of pages describing how to use the HP MV5020 Pro as a webserver, a database server, etc.:

Otherwise, this page is under construction

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